Choices and choosing

Dear Friends,

In our lives there appear choices to make; often a time for choosing appears before us. Some of these choices seem to run to the trivial; what am I to order for lunch, what suit will I wear today, should I take one route or another, and yet the consequences of an action lie outside our control. As humans we have power only over our own actions, not anyone else, although we are affected by other’s actions. Therefore the only thing I can change in a situation is myself.

For students this means that how their classes go, what grades they get, etc., depends on their actions, namely how they interact with their fellow students and with their teacher. For teachers, the only way their class can perform well depends on how the teacher acts. It is by working together that learning is accomplished and the goal of education is reached. If I wait for the teacher to do their job before I do mine, or as a teacher I wait for the students to get their act together, in all likelihood nothing will happen. Only by both parties participating can success be achieved. St. John Paul II would call this a mutually revelatory experience where, because actions both reveal and determine who we are, both sides reveal their true selves. This is not to say we shouldn’t encourage and correct, actually this is an argument for encouragement and correction. Still one cannot forget the only ‘actor’ for whom I have control and responsibility is myself and on the day of Judgment we shall be called upon to give an account of our actions, only ours.

The best part of everyone working together is the result. If you have ever rowed a boat with someone else you know how much faster and further you go when all are pulling in the same direction. We are pledged here to work with your student for their success and we thank you for trusting us with your child.

God bless,

Timothy Gallic

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