A Thought for High School Graduates

It is clear that every transition in nature contains in it some distinct episodic sections. First there is the determination of the new form, embryonic and immature,  than there is the transformation where that organism shapes and molds into it’s final form, and then finally there maturation where the organism reaches the state where it can achieve its promise. At each change dislocation occurs and it can be discomfiting.

So when you graduate, you reach one of these stages. Then the next stage begins.  There you will find new skills and abilities scarcely imagined now appear forefront and your horizons daily are lifted.   For each of the four years of high school new challenges and new opportunities came your way and you had the chance to grasp them and make your mark.  In all of this there was the backdrop of your family and classes, your friends and your not friends.  In sports, in class, working on projects and homework, in plays and music, during lunch and after school you developed the muscles and skills that are now ready for the next phase.

The next phase of your life is likely to be filled with awkward and difficult moments each one harder than the next.  The amazing truth is this; at no time will you be tasked with something you cannot do, you will often be asked to do things you don’t like.  Science and life has taught us that growth occurs through pain and stress.  And when the muscles and fibers and the nerves and sinews, when the skills and abilities come to fruition, it is not the end of the story but rather the end of the beginning.  The real story starts, the curtain has lifted the players shuffle onto the stage, the practices are over, the starting pistol has sounded, the whistle has blown and it’s time.

Congratulations graduates, the world is yours for the taking, but it wont be easy, it will be hard, and wonderful and exciting and difficult and in the end totally worth it.

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