The Sextant

Dear Friends,

The pace of school nears its zenith and our students may be showing signs of struggle.  In all of life we find that many difficult things are done for simply one reason, we believe they do us well.  Consider ‘healthy food’, some claim that all healthy food tastes bad, but could that be true? In actuality, we eat healthy food often but the only reason we eat less than delectable food, is because we believe it to be good for us.  Hence the statement put correctly would be, “One often only eats poor tasting food when it is healthy.”  Or consider that a farmer in the dead of winter might be tempted to use next year’s seed for food, but if he did, there would be no seed to sow for next year’s crop and he would go hungry.  Or a student may have to sacrifice taking a nap today and work instead so that when bed time comes they can sleep the night through. In fact, we must often decide to put off current pleasure for long term benefit.

This stands as one of the most beneficial lessons we could ever teach our students, for its application extends to all areas of life; It is Far cheaper and easier to give up a little now so as to benefit largely later on. This lesson, while critical, generally takes a while to learn and we must patiently encourage our students as they learn it.   So tonight when they are burning the midnight oil finishing up their assignments, let us encourage them, for it is all for good.

We never know all that God will ask us to do, so whatever he sends us must be there to get us ready for the next task.

Pax et Bonum!

Timothy Gallic

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